We Need Your Support!

Fort Collins Reads is one of the few community book programs nationwide that brings in the author to speak. It's an expensive proposition, and although we appreciate our local libraries' support, it's not enough to sustain us. Please get out your wallets, keeping in mind that we are completely local, completely nonprofit and completely volunteer. No overhead or administrative costs mean your donations go directly toward bringing world-class authors to Fort Collins.

You can make a monetary donation by sending checks to Fort Collins Reads c/o Tova Aragon, PRPLD, 301 E. Olive St., Fort Collins, CO 80524.

Support us by joining our Author's Circle. Details for 2013 to come.

Win some great prizes on Nov. 3 by purchasing $5 tickets for our drawing. There is no limit on ticket purchases, so the more, the merrier. Here's what will be available.


  1. A beautiful bed-sized 1930s era quilt made by Fort Collins Reads committee members, Deb Hayman Polk, and Jane Hayman.
  2. Autographed copies of Erik Larson's six books donated by Old Firehouse Books.
  3. Board games and candy from the 1930s. Donated by Fort Collins Reads committee members.
  4. Beer coupons, t-shirts, mugs and hats from some of the 12 Fort Collins breweries.

We would like to give a special thanks to all who donated to our drawing. We couldn't do it without you!

If you would like to donate to a future drawing, please contact us.