Photograph of Josh Baker


I am insatiably curious.

I've been a nerd since before it was cool. I enjoy video games, binge watching Sci-Fi, LEGO (the fancy ones), designing nature aquariums, reading, maxing out tabs in Google Chrome, getting lost on Wikipedia and wandering the globe via Google Street View. I'm also a hopeless romantic when it comes to my Corrado.

I've got a master's in Human Centered Design and Engineering, and a BFA in graphic design. I can make things look beautiful and but also explain how I got there. Currently, I am searching for opportunities to put my visual and ux design skills to good use.

I'm a believer that having a sense of humor is the key to life. You can tell a lot about a person from the things that make them laugh, or...not. Here are some things that make me chuckle. If you find them funny, chances are we'll get along fine.

   Pete Holmes on Magic │    Dan Cummins: Ants